As things rapidly change in e-learning industry all over the world, new approaches and services are needed to properly serve clients and users. GLOBED was founded following a mindset that differs from what usual distribution channels in Turkey have been following for years.

This new mindset is the combined outcome of more than a decade of international exposure in North America and Asia-Pacific with five years of hands on experience in working with NGOs, top educational publishers and technology companies in the world and conducting sales, marketing and distribution of educational resources in more than a dozen countries including China, S.Korea, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

GLOBED introduces top quality educational resources from around the world to international, private and public schools in Turkey and neighboring countries.

Our aim is to become the key industry partner in the region for educational publishers, technology companies and e-learning content developers and continue to introduce educators and students the best resources available that take teaching and learning to new levels.