GLOBED is qualified in e-learning technologies including but not limited to online educational content, learning management systems, interactive whiteboards and tablet computers. We aim to share our know-how and collaborate with educators and students anywhere we can reach.


A decade of international exposure and multiple years of working with many top publishers and hundreds of educational institutions in more than a dozen countries bring a fresh mindset to meetings. We are keen on following educational developments and continuing to participate in all key EdTech conferences in the world.


In order to give premium service to our customers, GLOBED offices are located in Istanbul and Ankara. In everything we do, we believe in the effectiveness of in-person communication. Please contact us to set up a meeting at your institution. We will be there.

New Era of Education

Engaging students and educators through methods like differentiated instruction, flipped classroom, project - based learning. Our mission is to give teachers the technology tools necessary to reach their students.


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